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Statement of safety

In order to give the realisation of our projects, on site and in the workshop, an optimal service and in junction with the objective of quality of the company IVENS NV, we pose the implementation and keeping up of the safety plan as a fundamental part of our general policy. This policy of safety has a purpose, within the legal and contractual obligations, to give to our people the possibilities to execute safely their duties in a working climate as optimal as possible, with safe means and clear instructions.

Herewith are the following points of attention:

  • prevention of personal injury by choosing the right personal means of protection.
  • care of the safety of third people
  • prevention of material and environmental damage
  • providing the necessary training
  • motivation of our employees
  • We are convinced that we can extend an efficient safety system by means of a structured approach and giving priority to the safety instructions in our working environs. These put first the safety of our employees and our working environs and guarantees the service to our clients.


This preventive environmental- and safety- adapted care is intended to give a continual correction. The objectives will be formulated every year in concrete projects.